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Oriental Landscapes

a contemporary oriental music festival
Concerts, Conferences, Workshops
with scholars and international artists in five cities around The Netherlands.

The artistic vision of Oriental Landscapes carries a reflection on the history of Oriental music and searches for a common ground for the future of the shared musical heritage of the Oriental world. With each new edition, we take our audiences on a new journey through time exploring origins, interactions, and innovation in maqam, the main building block of oriental music, whilst focusing on different regions and countries.

Global Week for Syria

an annual multi-disciplinary call for peace, support and co-creation that takes place every third-fourth week of April since 2014


  • Music Festival in Beirut:
  • Live Concerts, Fundraising Events and Conferences across the globe;
  • Over 100 Online Performances (#4Syria action);
  • Talks and Panel Discussions;
  • Musical and Cultural Workshops.

Workshops and conferences on the cultural heritage
of the Middle East



Specialised Workshops for professionals and people interested in ethnomusicology, ancient music.


Syrian Music Lives Project, a community, portal and social media network focused on preserving and reviving professional relationships among Syrian musicians and offering concrete ways to work for unification and reconciliation of Syrian people.

“..sharing music with the world and celebrating the miracle of peace through music. Since the war in Syria shattered our lives I decided not to take things for granted…Music is a mix of immediate expressions of feeling about the present which summarises many immeasurable things. Sharing these moments with many people around the world is even more beautiful. We want to share with the world beautiful things about Syria.”
Hannibal Saad (initiator and the artistic leader of Syrian Music Lives)


Workshop programs

Musical Workshop-Leader program is a way to empower both: musicians and people that are interested in music to start facilitating music workshops to children in disadvantaged area’s.

    • Non Violent Communication,
    • Community Music,
    • Musical Instrument Lab,
    • Drum-circle,
    • Singing and Non-Verbal communication,
    • Song-writing, etc.