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Previous and current funding partners:

British Council (UK); Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (NO), Swiss Development Cooperation (CH); Common Space Initiative (SY); Dutch Culture (NL); HIVOS (NL); Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (NL); National Fund for Performing Arts (NL); Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (LB); FELM (FI); French Institute in Beirut (LB); Goethe Institute (LB); Madani (SY); EU; Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs (CH); Ettijahat (LB); Morgenland Festival Osnabruck (GR); UNESCO (LB); Prins Bernhard Cultuur Fonds (NL)

Embassies: Swiss Embassy in Beirut, Norwegian Embassy in Beirut

Municipalities: Municipality of Leiden, Rotterdam, Utrecht

NGOs: Tamas/Syrian Civil Coalition (SY), Tonality/Salon Joussour (NL), Basmeh & Zeitooneh (LB), OrangeRed (JO), A Heart For Syria/ Un Coeur pour la Syrie (FR/CA), ICONEA (UK), Syrian Female Journalists Network (NL), World Music Forum (NL), Swell Group (LB/SY), De Vrolijkheid (NL), Souriat without Borders (SP), Splendor (NL), Ex Oriente Lux (NL), Codarts (NL), Syrian Researchers (SY), Irtijal (LB), Fayha Choir (LB), Sonbola (LB), ِم ْعزَ ْف | me’zaf (LB); Zico House (LB); War Child (NL/LB); DOTE (NL); FDCD (LB); Onomatopoeia (LB); Ta3beer (LB); Lamsat Ward (LB); Beirut Jam Sessions.