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Hannibal Saad (Syria/USA/the Netherlands)

Artistic Director and General Manager at Music and Beyond Foundation. Hannibal is a music manager and festival artistic director. He works as an independent musician and cultural event producer with a vast network and experience in the Middle East, Europe and the U.S. Hannibal toured with many Syrian musicians in the Middle East and Europe for the past 8 years. In 2007 and 2008 he was the Oriental music programmer for the festival Damascus Arab Capital of Culture 2008, coordinating music events covering the Oriental world from North Africa to India, including the Women Sing festival dedicated to the most promising female voices in the Arab world. He conceived, created and ran two major international music festivals and conferences in Syria, until the crisis began (see: www.oriental- and He currently runs international cross-over projects between the Arab world and the rest of the world.


Maryana Golovchenko (Ukraine/the Netherlands)

Project Manager at Music and Beyond Foundation. Maryana is an independent musician, festivals maker, teacher and researcher in the field of culture, has expertise in international crossover music and cultural projects (both Eastern and Western Europe). Her collaborations include works with musicians, choirs, filmmakers, visual- artists, sound-designers, dancers and choreographers.

Maryana holds a Master Degree in Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship from Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Past three years she has been in charge of coordinating and producing the Global Week for Syria project in twenty one locations from Europe, US to the Middle East and currently extending the global community across all continents.