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Aura Rascon (Mexico/The Netherlands)
President of Music and Beyond Foundation. Aura is a flutist specialized in the bansuri (Indian Bamboo flute) and Hindustani Classical Music. A versatile musician who has initiated and participated in various cross-cultural music projects as an instrumentalist, but as well as composer and artistic leader collaborating with artist coming from different music styles and traditions as varied as flamenco, electronica, jazz, West African, Ottoman, Balkan, Aboriginal and contemporary chamber music. Aura is always looking for new ways of multicultural intercommunication and has based her artistic focus on developing ways of bringing the bansuri and Raga based music into different ensemble settings mixing western and non-western instruments and in communication with different music traditions in a style she likes to describe as ‘Music without borders’. She is also the founder director and artistic leader of the Non-Profitable Foundation: Stichting FullMoon Babylon, which has been working on developing an interdisciplinary and intercultural platform focus on the arts and their social impact for professionals as well as upcoming talent in the city of Rotterdam.



Richard Dumbrill (United Kingdom)
Treasurer of the Music and Beyond Foundation. Leading expert in archaeomusicology of the ancient Near and Middle-East. His publications include “The Archaeomusicology of the Ancient Near East” and “The Idiophones of the Ancient Near East” in the collections of the British Museum; “The Silver Lyre of Ur”, with Myriam Marcetteau and “The Elamite Harps”, with Margaux Bousquet; a translation of Al-Farabi’s works on music and a catalogue of the cylinder seals with musical scenes in the collections of the British Museum. Richard Dumbrill is the founder of ICONEA, (International Conference of Near Eastern Archaeomusicology, now hosted at the Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Oxford) with conferences held at the British Museum and at the Sorbonne University Paris. Richard Dumbrill is a consultant/advisor for the Babylon Festival in Iraq.