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We specialize in bringing new formations and connections. We introduce new artists and compositions while giving deep insight into the link with history and music in the East and the West, so that people may share better values. These involve the audience and participants in finding solutions. We aim at involving everyone actively. We emulate discussions about the role of music in integration; the role of communities in preserving the cultural heritage; finding ways to safeguard memories; adapting social changes through music and culture in general. The foundation is Based in The Netherlands since 2014.


Our Mission

The mission of Music and Beyond Foundation is to stimulate understanding, promote diversity and foster respect through open dialogue and the diffusion of knowledge for cultures in conflict.


Our Vision

M&B achieves this through music and other forms of art in creating cultural exchange initiatives and projects between East and Western nations with the specialisation in Syrian-Oriental and Eastern European cultures.


Our Objectives

• to foster development in the field of cultural exchange and enrichment for the lives of a separate individual and society in general;
• to empower communities to share, celebrate their identity and reveal their relevance through creative engagement;
• to provide and diffuse knowledge for and about cultures in conflict in such way raise awareness of those cultures;
• to develop different forms of uniting musicians/artists for synergetic influence on peace building;
• to provide opportunities for professional musicians to perform;
• to work on cohesion and improve the relationship within communities;
• to enhance mobility of musicians in general and specifically the ones who come from the cultures in conflict;
• to open new opportunities for cultural exchange and connections development between East and West;
• to serve as a focus of hope for a positive future.


Our Values

Respect, collaboration, exchange, diversity, peace, compassion, engagement, empowerment, education and inquiry, hope, trust, confidence, inclusiveness, social cohesion, beauty, peace, friendship, and acceptance.